51 Chatsworth Road, E5 OLH / Tube: Hackney Central, Homerton


Price £19.40


  • Our brunch favourite
  • All day breakfast


  • 2x Flat white


What we thought

Creperie Du Monde can be found slap bang in the centre of Chatsworth road, the location of one of east London’s most talked about markets. Knowing how difficult it is to find a seat on a Sunday we decide to go the day before, and try to catch it at it’s quietest. The decor is comfortable, a nice leather sofa sits in front of the large window  allowing you to look out onto the bustling high street. The table is made from an old chest, and this design is carried on downstairs, where people can share a chez lounge.

Everything is in the name, translated as Crepes of the world, this cafe sells crepes in every way possible, the menu also offers a variety of omelettes and waffles. We decide to order the Italian brunch favourite crepe and the All day breakfast crepe.  We take our seat on the sofa the window, and soon after our coffee’s are brought over. Having such a highly respected supplier as Clipson & Sons, we wexpected a lovely coffee, but unfortunately it was nice at best with the milk slightly too hot spoiling the over all experience somewhat. Having only two crepe pans available to cook on this makes service unbearably slow, this also meant that no ingredients are cooked to order, and are microwaved and then added to the crepe. This style of cooking is obviously not ideal and the taste and textures somewhat suffers from this.

After a long wait our crepes arrived, and they looked great! The Our brunch favourite had everything you could want, smoked salmon, asparagus, poached eggs with a hollandaise sauce. This was amazing, and it was gone just minutes after taking the first bite. The egg was cooked perfectly and the asparagus retained their bright greenness.


Unfortunately the same couldn’t be same for the All day break fast, this came with tomatoes, bacon, scrambled egg and mushrooms. The presentation was nice but the everything seemed to be oily and moist, especially the mushrooms. The use of the microwave had taken all texture out of the breakfast making it a sloppy mess.  Having gone back a few times now, there are better choice of crepes and also some really nice omelettes, such as the ‘Agnes’ made up of chicken, avocado and caramelised onion chutney. The only down fall is the price, where our crepes cost around £6.90 each, which we found a little steep for microwaved ingredients.

Creperie Du Monde does what is says on the tin, the range of crepes is second to none, and they’re presented beautifully. They lack slightly when it comes to quality of ingredients and the method of cooking, which we all know is a pretty big deal… But after all how much can you do with a crepe..? We advise that you go on a weekday as the service is slow, but it is worth it, and there are worse places to sit and wait for your food. Make sure you try their strawberry milkshake also!


Food: 7

Coffee: 6.5

Atmosphere: 7.5

Service: 6

Value: 6.5


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